We are justified by the consumption of #food that #nurtures our #soul…

For we live by faith and not by sight.        (2 Cor 5:7) 

If we live by faith, then what do we call faith? Is it something tangible or concrete? Can we say that faith is a dream or idea waiting to manifest in our lives? For many of us identifty faith with things to come that may be rewarding. It can very well be our hope in something that affects us mentally and emotionally. Have you often wondered what it would be like without faith? The faith that Christ sets before us has been instilled in those who believe wholeheartedly. For what profit is there when faith is absent in our lives. Can the number  “0” produce anything of value? In the same regards can something dead revive anything dead? The same applies to our faith in Christ. He goes before us knowing that we have an expected end because we are justified by the very faith that we excercise. For without it there is nothing concrete. I challenge you today to push your faith to the next level and go beyond your innermost strength.