#Pride of #self is to be thrown away and not #eaten

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.(Prov 16:18) 

A diet consists of many different foods because we delight in certain things.  However, there are parts of us that we can afford to discard from our diet , which we tend to hold on to. This does not require much effort because we are generally content with who we are at present. However, a personality that involves pride and arrogance can become destructive to our mind, body and soul. We possess so great a power in the same we do our diet. Can we switch our internal natural diet for the spiritual? Are we willing to dispose of the very things that causes us to fall in defeat? Maybe it’s not us whom we are affected by. Can it be those people that are the utmost important to us that we are influenced by? I challenge you to self examine your degree of pride if any and determine if it’s beneficial to survival. 


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