A #driver and passenger cannot control the staring #wheel at the same time, let go and let #God take control…

Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. (Prov 4:25)

Sometimes it is much more fitting for us to try and control several situations all at once. It may even feel as if we have full control and expect positive results. However, what would happen if we sat in the seat as the driver and passenger all at once? The outcome and compromise it creates would be very interesting to say the least. Also, consider trying to walk left and right at the exact same time. If it sounds complicated and confusing, then indeed it is. We can be very focused on one too many things at the same time but it may cause some unforeseen circumstances to occur. I challange you to take a moment to remove yourself from the driver seat and allow Christ to take over completely. 


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